The Challenge

Non-government organizations (NGOs) face a consistent challenge to keep up-to-date lists of their donors, suppliers, and partners. Without accurate data, these organizations are unable to properly raise donations, manage their budget, and perform other crucial operations.

On top of that, charities and NGOs are especially vulnerable targets of terrorist financing and money laundering. They enjoy the public trust, have access to considerable sources of funds, and their activities are often cash-intensive.

Our Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Innovative Systems has been proud to serve many clients in the non-profit industry, ranging from globally known organizations such as the International Red Cross to local charities.

Built on decades of working with charities & NGOs worldwide, Innovative Systems' end-to-end data management and compliance solutions deliver the proven accuracy and performance you need to meet your regulatory compliance, list management, or customer-centric databases/CRM needs.

Regulatory Compliance
  • Non-profit organizations must undertake the burdensome task of checking all associates against government-provided lists of individuals and groups suspected of having money laundering or terrorist ties. FinScan is designed to meet those exact needs of non-profit organizations.

  • Our online tool is easy-to-use, with an exceptionally high level of accuracy and minimum false-positives. It enables you to automatically screen against any government-provided list, and it automatically creates and manages the audit trails required by regulators, saving you valuable time

  • Innovative Systems helps NGOs comply with global regulations including OFAC, USA PATRIOT Act, and the 4th EU Directive. We offer all sanctions and PEP lists non-profit organizations need to screen against, including OFAC, EU Consolidated List, HMT, UN Consolidated, and PEP lists.
Data Management

Our Enlighten® data quality tools and Synchronos® MDM solutions offer charities and NGOs peace of mind that helps them focus on their mission.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring that all business units have access to accurate and unique donor and beneficiary data by cleansing, standardizing, and de-duping your records to create consolidated profiles that can be shared across the organization

  • Managing changes and updates to your consolidated profiles to ensure that their accuracy and integrity are maintained every time new data is added to your information systems, regardless of the application or whether it is by manual entry, telephone, or via the Internet

  • Ensuring personalized communication and high quality, knowledgeable service every time you reach out
Address Validation and Geocoding

Inaccurate address data can result in a broad range of inefficiencies and communication failures, including unnecessary production and postal expenses, reduced productivity of targeted marketing initiatives, and impaired decision-making based on incorrect information. Our PostLocate and Geocoding solutions help you:

  • Enhance the efficiency and deliverability of your mail communications by verifying and automatically correcting addresses against postal service records

  • Reduce the expenses related to mailing letters, returned mail, and other communications by qualifying bulk mailings for postage discounts

  • Differentiate your marketing efforts by region or identify regions with specific demographics

  • Append geocodes to pinpoint those areas most in need of aid

Meet your donation goals and ensure safe operations.

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