Efficient onboarding. Streamlined and safer operations. Maximum customer satisfaction.

Casinos and online gaming operations depend on efficient and accurate onboarding of their guests not only for operational purposes and client satisfaction, but to meet the ever-increasing breadth of regulatory requirements.

Innovative Systems' casino and gaming solutions can help your organization:

  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with a front-to-back compliance program

  • Screen against OFAC, PEP, and any watch lists of your choice

  • Screen against self-exclusion lists and internal blacklists

  • Screen against the Nevada Gaming Control Board Excluded Persons List

  • Onboard your guests with real-time ID scanning, enabling your guest-facing personnel to have the most accurate guest information at their fingertips for more personalized interactions

  • Scan IDs of all your guests with real-time screening against any compliance or internal lists

  • Integrate automated ID scanning and screening against any lists across Cashiers Cage, Players Club, and Security
FinScan Gaming Compliance Workflow


Our Gaming Solutions

FinScan helps gaming organizations worldwide increase operational efficiency and reduce exposure to AML risk by providing flexible and scalable gaming and casino AML software solutions. 

FinScan ID Validation

To meet AML compliance requirements, the American Gaming Association (AGA) recommends ID validation of patrons.

FinScan's automated ID Validation solution instantly authenticates and validates your guests' IDs by using advanced document forensic screening technology. This technology prevents fraudulent and altered domestic and international identification documents from getting past your cashier cages or your fraud department during the onboarding process.

Additionally, FinScan ID Validation supports more than 6,000 forms of ID, including passports, visas, driver's licenses, military IDs, social security cards, and other Federal, state and local government IDs.

The name and address information from the IDs is imported from the scanners directly into FinScan and displayed on the screen. If a document is found to be invalid or expired, an alert message will be displayed. FinScan can then screen all valid records against sanctions, PEP, or internal blacklists.

Sanctions & PEP Screening

FinScan's robust and sophisticated matching engine used for sanctions and PEP screening is based on more than 40 years of customer data management expertise. It surpasses the accuracy of alternative screening solutions and is used in thousands of projects worldwide. This easily configurable data cleansing and matching technology analyzes and identifies potential suspect records and incorporates all possible matching elements, including name information, gender, date of birth, addresses and national ID.

Address Validation

Real-time address validation against U.S. postal data is performed on addresses at the point of data entry to ensure consistency with postal service records and validity of the address. Address validation can also help in detecting fraud by identifying invalid addresses and those already claimed by other people.

Attachments and Automated Audit Files

FinScan's database is secure and compatible with any type of files or documents you need to upload. FinScan also provides a complete audit trail of customer and compliance list data, as well as the details of your organization's enhanced due diligence. Unlike many other solutions' audit reports that provide only a list of records reviewed, FinScan's audit files include documentation of all actions taken.

Protect your organization with an accurate screening and onboarding solution.

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