The Challenge

Telecom operators are faced with increasing pressure. To stay competitive, they must be able to offer fast, reliable, and affordable services even as usage increases, rates for service decline, and demand for spectrum grows.

At the same time, operators must ensure they can fund investments in network infrastructure to allow for greater bandwidth while optimizing their operating costs.

Our Solutions

Innovative Systems helps communications companies around the world leverage their customer data more effectively to offer a better customer experience while improving operational efficiency.

Specific solutions from Innovative Systems include end-to-end data profiling and discovery, data management, and risk and compliance solutions. These solutions were developed and refined over more than four decades and enable communications and telecom providers to:

  • Enhance the quality and usability of customer records and ensure all business units have access to the same accurate data by cleansing, standardizing, and de-duping your records to create consolidated profiles that can be shared across the organization

  • Manage changes and updates to your consolidated profiles to ensure that their accuracy and integrity are maintained every time new data is added to your information systems, regardless of the application or whether it is by manual entry, telephone, or the Internet

  • Identify potential risks associated with customers earlier with a consolidated view of customer information across product lines, applications, or divisions/subsidiaries

  • Protect your organization in relationships with customers, vendors, and counter-parties through our watch list screening, customer onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Due Diligence (CDD), transaction screening, and transaction monitoring solutions

Solution Benefits

Innovative Systems' solutions will help your company:

  • Understand where customers are located & their market position across geographies

  • Gain a complete view of customers and households across multiple offerings such as wireless, Internet, and phone services to enable cross-sell and increase average revenue per user

  • Streamline customer onboarding across retail and online channels

  • Ensure personalized communication and high quality, knowledgeable service every time you interact with a customer
  • Integrate customer databases accurately in the event of mergers and acquisitions

  • Maximize ROI in network infrastructure as well as service locations

  • Reduce operational costs with better analytics fueled by more accurate data

Achieve a complete view of your customers.

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