The Challenge

The healthcare industry is more competitive and patient-focused than ever before. It's become especially challenging to manage and maintain patient records across the complex structure of today's healthcare systems while maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

Further complicating the demands on the healthcare industry are an expanding array of regulatory requirements. Organizations and facilities must regularly screen virtually all of their associates against a variety of excluded party lists, such as the Office of the Inspector General list (OIG LEIE) and the System for Award Management list (SAM). Failure to comply with these regulations can result in substantial fines, a damaged reputation, or worse – exclusion from reimbursement programs.

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Our Healthcare Solutions

Innovative has been delivering the kind of high quality data integration and patient data quality management tools you need for almost 50 years. And the accuracy and efficiency of our exclusion list screening technology has helped organizations nationwide safely comply with regulatory mandates for more than a decade. For this reason, 2 of the top 5 biggest healthcare insurance companies in the U.S. trust Innovative Systems with their data.

Customer-Centric Databases/CRM
  • Efficiently integrate the patient, provider and payment data from disparate sources, then cleanse and maintain it on an ongoing basis

  • Create a single, consolidated profile of each patient that identifies their total relationship with your organization
Data Quality & Postal Coding
  • Profile the patient data submitted by various sources to identify and correct errors and inconsistent formats

  • Cleanse, parse, and standardize patient records to prepare them for efficient merging

  • Link records across different providers so that they and their histories are recognized as a single individual

  • Increase efficiency of mail communications and payment collections by validating and automatically correcting addresses

  • Qualify for substantial postage discounts on bulk mailings by providing clean data ready for bar coding and carrier route sorting
Regulatory Healthcare Compliance
  • Comply with exclusion list screening regulations

  • Screen against the OIG list, all State Excluded Medicaid and Medicare Provider lists, the System for Award Management (SAM) list, OFAC sanctions lists, and internal "do not do business" lists

  • Automatic screen on a monthly basis – or more frequently – to comply with regulations

  • Find matches in spite of misspellings, use of aliases, or missing information, that other software is not able to find

  • Choose from on-premise or secure-cloud service deployments

  • Be regulator-ready with our full auditing and reporting capabilities
Automated Patient ID and Insurance Card Readers
  • Automate patient ID data capture from IDs and Medical Insurance cards with our ID Validation offering

  • Images and data from IDs, driver licenses, and medical insurance cards are automatically populated and inserted into EMRs and CRMs in seconds

Our Solution Benefits

  • Send patient-tailored marketing communications and enhance customer relations with an accurate patient database

  • Minimize administrative overhead and collect receivables in a timely manner with accurate customer records across providers

  • Enjoy peace of mind by complying with all healthcare requirements, and stay on top of regulations with automatic screening against newly-issued sanctions

  • Deliver a seamless check-in experience and reduce claim rejections by ensuring correct data from the start with our patient ID validation offering

Let us care for your patient information.

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