The Challenge

From brokerage firms to consumer lending companies, from capital markets firms to mortgage brokers, the financial services industry is under growing pressure to maintain the most accurate information about their customers to stay ahead of the competition, minimize risk, and meet ever-expanding regulatory requirements.

Due to the increasing number of sources and channels from which information is entering your organization, it is more challenging than ever to manage the growing volumes of information and ensure the accuracy of the data on an ongoing basis across the organization.

Our Financial Services Solutions

Many of the world's largest financial services companies rely on Innovative Systems as a trusted partner in providing their organization with the most accurate customer information available. The accuracy of Innovative Systems' end-to-end data profiling and discovery, data quality management, and risk and compliance solutions was developed over more than four decades of processing billions of customer records for our financial services clients. This depth of experience has resulted in solutions that are designed to efficiently handle the high-volume, complex data management needs of financial services organizations worldwide.

Regulatory Compliance

Improve the accuracy and quality of your data to help ensure compliance with the increasing number of international regulations and mandates affecting your business, including OFAC's SDN, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), HM Treasury, and the 4th EU Directive.

  • Begin with clean, accurate and unique data to ensure the highest matching accuracy for PEP and sanctions screening

  • Enhance sanctions and PEP list matching efficiency with a proven matching solution that is highly accurate, easy to use, and automatically creates the audit trails required for due diligence

  • Manage more than 70 compliance lists and integrate with any leading PEP database or internal black lists to streamline your AML compliance screening process

  • Integrate ID validation into your onboarding processes
Data Quality
  • Enhance the quality and usability of customer records and ensure that all business units have access to the same accurate and unique data

  • Cleanse, standardize and de-dupe your records to create consolidated profiles that can be shared across the organization and improve overall productivity

  • Manage changes and updates to your consolidated profiles to ensure that their accuracy and integrity are maintained every time new data is added to your information systems

  • Ensure personalized communication and high quality, knowledgeable service every time you interact with a customer

  • Improve the quality of your customer database and cost-efficiency of your mail communications by validating and standardizing addresses against U.S. and international postal service data

  • Recognize potential credit risks earlier by consolidating customer information across applications
Customer-Centric Databases
  • Strengthen your customer service efforts by ensuring up-to-date, consolidated customer identification and account status information every time a customer contacts your organization

  • Empower your customer contact representatives to be more successful in their cross-sell and up-sell efforts by providing them with expanded household information that includes customer-to-customer, customer-to-product and customer-to-organization relationships

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