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Innovative Systems provides a range of consulting services that help organizations more effectively achieve their business and IT needs. For more than 45 years, leading organizations, including some of the world’s largest institutions, have benefited from our deep expertise. Our team of dedicated and highly-skilled subject matter experts bring average industry experience of over 15 years to each initiative.

Our Methodology

Decades of experience, greater return on your investment

Innovative Systems’ well-proven methodology is based on having completed thousands of successful projects for leading companies worldwide.  Our advanced technology and highly experienced consultants allow us to rapidly complete a project in far less time and with fewer people, resulting in significant time and cost savings for you.

Our philosophy
We believe process and methodology are just as important as technology. We build strong partnerships with our clients and utilize their existing resources as much as possible. Our approach is flexible and collaborative. We tailor our solutions to support your organization’s specific needs.



Innovative Systems’ comprehensive approach starts with upfront planning to ensure a holistic plan is developed and the solution provided will address your unique business problem. Additionally, an ongoing monitoring process is put into place to ensure your solution is continually optimized for the best outcomes.

Consulting Services Offerings

Data Quality Assessment

The Data Quality Assessment is a valuable diagnostic tool for companies who are evaluating, planning, building, consolidating, or using a data warehouse, data mart, central information file, or customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The assessment can be focused on MDM systems, customer databases or warehouses, a customer segment, or a specific line of business. This offering identifies the true content and structure of all data elements and details anomalies specific to quality, duplication rates and referential integrity. It also identifies areas where data may be enhanced or improved, and compares the client’s data quality to industry benchmarks.

The assessment  is greatly beneficial for regulatory compliance departments as it will reveal how their false alert rates can be lowered by feeding cleaner data into their risk management or screening solutions.

As  part of the final report, Innovative Systems works with your subject matter experts to quantify the impact of defined data quality issues on your business results in terms of costs, customer service, and lost revenue.

For organizations that already have a data quality system in place, Innovative Systems’ Data Quality Assessment can provide an objective, third-party audit of the system’s performance.

Data Quality Optimization

The Data Quality Optimization service is a diagnostic tool to evaluate the performance of your currently installed technology and identify areas of opportunity to enhance the process.

This service will benefit your organization by reviewing overall process flow and component performance, identifying possible knowledgebase enhancements, reviewing and evaluating matching results and recommending changes to your match criteria and settings based on current results.

Software Implementation

Software Implementation is the service of implementing our data management and risk management solutions.

The consultant team begins by identifying and understanding the customer’s objectives, and then works closely with the users to design the most efficient and effective process to meet or exceed those objectives.


Comprehensive, hands-on training, customized for both business and technical users, is an integral part of our professional services. Through Innovative Systems’ training, you can realize more accuracy and productivity from our solutions and identify additional business functions to serve within the organization, further increasing ROI.

The educational programs offered are run by dedicated, highly-skilled IT and data management professionals. These programs empower our clients to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for maximum utilization of our solutions with minimal ongoing support and assistance.

Data Governance

Innovative Systems’ complementary approach to data governance is designed to work with the culture of your organization and leverage the value of existing personnel and processes within your organization.

Key Elements of Our Data Governance Approach:

  • Focus on complementing the organization by formalizing current levels of accountability and addressing any lapses that may exist to minimize expense and time.
  • Help business areas identify the activities that they cannot perform because the organization’s data will not support those activities.
  • Identify individuals’ existing roles with the organization’s data – as data definers, producers, users, subject matter experts, and decision makers, – as a way of recognizing their importance and impact on data found throughout the organization.
  • Enlist both business and IT units to manage the data governance program since they hold specific knowledge and formal accountability relative to governing data.
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