Your data on your time.

The Challenge

Businesses often operate in multiple time zones with significantly different business hours. This can make using shared resources and processing data loads complicated.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems’ Scheduler offers a way for data loads and other processes to be scheduled for non-peak hours. They can be scheduled:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • One time only
  • On start-up
  • On login
  • On a customized basis

For organizations with market territories that extend to multiple time zones, it is extremely valuable to build a schedule that meets your businesses' needs while accommodating differing work schedules.


Restore data when needed.

The Challenge

Despite every protection you take data can still be compromised. If your data is impacted how can you ensure it is still correct?

Our Solution

Innovative Systems’ can help you return to the state your data was in at a pre-defined time. The ability to "roll back" data, systems or hard drives to a pre-existing point is essential for system and database integrity.


Our rollback methodology easily enables the process of correctly restoring data. Being able to ensure the integrity of data is just as important as accurately capturing it in the first place.

Role-based Security

The right access for the right people.

The Challenge

Not everyone in an organization needs access to all the enterprise’s data.

How can you ensure the right people have access to the data they need and not the data they don’t?

Our Solution

Innovative's solutions allow administrators to establish or deny access rights at all levels of master data management, including environments, data domains, tables, and fields.

  • Access rights are determined by the role assigned
  • Roles can vary from site to site
  • Users who are granted varying access can be considered:
    • User
    • Power user
    • System administrator

Data Repository

Easily store, maintain and leverage integrated data.

The Challenge

Organizations need a rapid and cost-effective way to build a data repository that contains central views with extremely high accuracy.

Our Solution

Innovative System’s master data management (MDM) solution uses a data repository for maximum accuracy and operational efficiency. Users have the flexibility to author data either in the MDM or the source systems and know that this data will be synchronized across the enterprise.

  • Maximum accuracy and operational efficiency

  • Organizations don’t have to settle for a registry-style MDM in the interest of cost and time

  • Store and maintain a complete, consistent and searchable collection of master data
    • Data will remain synchronized with other applications across the enterprise

Batch and Real-Time Processing

Flexible processing to ensure quality and efficiency.

The Challenge

Organizations have multiple, complex source systems and other applications that require different processing methods to ensure that tasks are accurately and efficiently completed.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems offers real-time and batch mode processing to best fit the individual needs of our clients.

Batch processing is used for when a large volume of records is converted or migrated in a single run.

Batch Processing Use Case Examples
  • Large volumes (such as millions of records or more) are processed in an initial data migration effort


  • Smaller volumes (such as thousands of records) are incrementally processed overnight from third-party feeds

Real-time processing is usually interactive and typically involves minimal response time, helping to ensure that information remains current.

Real-Time Processing Use Case Examples
  • An electronic funds transfer system promptly transfers funds from a customer’s bank account to a retail outlet’s account after scanning a customer’s debit card.

  • A customer service representative at a credit card company is able to give a near-instantaneous response to any computer query regarding a customer’s credit rating.
  • Allows users to execute multiple operations in one request, rather than having to submit each operation individually

  • Shifts the processing time to when computing resources are less busy

  • Makes close supervision of a run unnecessary

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