Easy interaction for every system

Every action in the system – from a button click to an interaction with the database to a screen being rendered – is accomplished through a secure web service call.

Built from the ground up for easy integration with other systems, the Synchronos™ Enterprise Platform is the ideal master data management system. Any system can easily interact with Synchronos at any point. And, our web service API’s are easy to use. Innovative Systems works with clients to integrate the first external system (usually done within a few days) and then clients typically take over, because they often have the web services expertise needed to run the system. However, Innovative Systems is always available to assist with any or all of the web service integrations. For external sources/systems that are older and not web services capable, Synchronos uses batch processing to quickly and accurately handle data associated with those systems for both the initial implementation and ongoing updates.

The ability to easily integrate Synchronos into a client’s environment keeps with Innovative Systems’ philosophy to help our clients leverage the investment in their other technology systems and platforms. These include source application systems, operational systems, salesforce and marketing automation systems, data warehouses and data marts, business intelligence systems, ERP systems, e-commerce systems and big data repositories. In working with these systems, the Synchronos MDM Platform provides timely, accurate and trusted master data that is leveraged throughout an entire enterprise.

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