Find and leverage hidden value in your data

Influence Value® is a groundbreaking methodology that identifies valuable, actionable information often hidden in your data.

The Challenge

Relationships with an organization are more complex and offer more potential value than it may seem at first glance. When looking beyond the visible product relationship, there are often untapped opportunities driven by the influence of family and friends, as well as financial, legal, and business connections.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems developed Influence Value® to help organizations realize the full potential of these extended relationship networks. This groundbreaking methodology identifies valuable, actionable information often hidden within the customer, supplier or other party information.

Unlike most master data management (MDM) technology, Influence Value® goes well beyond name and location information to help an organization build a comprehensive network of relationships. Thanks to Innovative’s proprietary, multi-million word and phrase knowledgebase and powerful and unique linking methodology, Influence Value® uses all available information to automatically link parties to other parties.

Once these connections are uncovered, the methodology helps an organization analyze what influence one party may have on other party’s decisions or buying habits. This helps build more robust 360° views that reflect real potential value. This expanded view of parties and their relationships offers a greater opportunity to enhance business initiatives, including marketing, sales, customer service, operations, risk management, and supplier management.


  • Better leverage party data to attract and retain clients

  • Strengthen business intelligence efforts

  • Greatly improve the potential for cross-selling

  • More effectively manage relationships with customers, suppliers and other parties

  • Significantly improve return on investment (ROI)

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