Establish and manage complex data relationships

Graphical displays and navigational tools within Synchronos allow users to create and modify hierarchies and easily report on them.

The Challenge

As businesses grow and requirements evolve, it’s important for organizations to have the ability to create structured relationships among data items that are often highly complex.

Our Solution

Thanks to the graphical display and navigational tools built into Innovative Systems' solutions, business users can create virtually any type of hierarchy they require. This includes hybrid hierarchies that provide different views of key data for management and reporting.

Use Case Example

When an employee transfers from one cost center to another, numerous systems throughout an enterprise are impacted. With our powerful and comprehensive approach to hierarchy management, modifying one hierarchy automatically results in the same modification being made within other hierarchies.


  • Establish, manage, and maintain relationships among data of various kinds and complexities

  • Easily update information across hierarchies


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