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In order to remain competitive, businesses must continually improve their processes. Often, internal IT resources can provide a solution, but business goals may require faster turnaround than these resources allow. Yet, the lack of customization options and high costs associated with outsourcing the development and maintenance of these solutions or choosing off-the-shelf solutions may be prohibitive.

The Synchronos Enterprise Platform enables the cost-efficient, rapid development of high-quality business applications that service departmental or enterprise needs. Marketing, Sales, Risk Management, and other business areas can benefit from this advantage.

Produce more accurate marketing and sales reports, analytics, and results with far less effort.

Synchronos Marketing 360™

As organizations strive to analyze a vast array of information about their customers, target households, prospects, and influencers and apply that to improve their marketing and sales results, they are confronted with inconsistencies, errors, and duplication in that information. This makes it virtually impossible to derive accurate and meaningful marketing analytics in a cost-effective manner.

Synchronos Marketing 360 enables your marketing organization to maximize their efforts and impact by working with accurate and trusted information.

Features of Synchronos Marketing 360

  • The platform enables your organization to rapidly achieve and maintain a super-clean, consolidated, and accurate stream of information that feeds your marketing efforts

  • Understanding complex relationships and hierarchies is straightforward because the platform automatically captures and maintains extended relationships

  • Easy-to-use dashboards and reporting capabilities keep you informed so that your information can remain in a trusted state, which is especially important as your source data changes over time.

Overall, the end result is more accurate and informed marketing analytics for a greater and positive impact to your organization.

Benefits of the Synchronos Enterprise Platform

  • Delivers the highest data quality, in the most rapid timeframe, at the lowest total cost

  • Incorporates decades of experience in supporting high-demand applications

  • Enables your business to look at customers in unique and valuable ways via advanced, extended relationship management capabilities

  • Works with and builds upon existing systems that your organization may already have

  • Automated processes reduce IT resources, maintenance costs, and headaches, freeing IT up for other projects

  • Provides a more tailored, customized solution than off-the-shelf applications can provide – and because you buy only the components you need, it is often significantly less expensive than packaged application suites

  • Available as either on-premise, secure cloud (public or private), or hybrid software

Achieve accurate & trusted reports with Synchronos Marketing 360.

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