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2021 Regulatory Sanctions Update: Challenges, Considerations, and Pathways

Highlighting the advanced capabilities of FinScan, Innovative's sanctions and PEP screening solution.

2021 has seen a host of new sanctions activity on the part of the US and EU. Old adversaries have been flexing their military, intelligence, and political muscle in a host of new ways. The new administration in Washington is seeking to change course in relations with certain countries, and the EU is flexing its economic muscle independently. These new sanctions present a multitude of challenges. Those tasked with implementing and maintaining compliance solutions have many issues to consider and must identify the best pathway forward to achieve and maintain effective compliance.

Our guest panelists, leading industry experts in financial crimes, review the more significant updates thus far in 2021 and discuss the challenges, considerations, and pathways forward for each.

Topics include:

  • Sanctions Updates
    • Russian Sanctions
    • Chinese Military Industrial Complex
    • Myanmar (Burma)
    • Belarus
    • Others
  • Incorporating the New Regulatory Requirements
  • Best Practices and Next Steps

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2021 Regulatory Sanctions Update – Challenges, Considerations, and Pathways
Kieran Holland

Kieran Holland
Head of Technical Solutions

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall
Advisory Services

Teresa (Terry) Pesce

Teresa (Terry) Pesce
President and CEO
Terry Pesce & Co LLC

Baruch Weiss

Baruch Weiss
Arnold & Porter


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