Improve customer communications and reduce costs

PostLocate validates and standardizes addresses against more than 240 domestic and international postal union address databases.

The Challenge

Companies are often presented with incomplete, incorrect, or non-standard customer address information which can lead to inaccurate views of the customer, or worst case scenario – impaired or disabled communication with the customer.

Our Solution

Enlighten PostLocate, our automated address verification and geocoding software, ensures address accuracy by validating and standardizing addresses against official postal data sources. Its integrated data quality capabilities provide unparalleled accuracy, and the optional geocoding capability strengthens a wide variety of location-based initiatives.

PostLocate is used by our clients in many capacities, such as standardizing addresses for direct marketing and customer relationship management, assisting in database maintenance, migrations and conversions, streamlining customer-onboarding, and clustering clients for strategic decision making.


Address Standardization & Validation
PostLocate will take free form text lines as input, produce a standardized address, and ensure the customer’s address is valid.

PostLocate Geocoding assigns rooftop-level latitude and longitude for addresses in more than 240 countries.

CASS Certification
PostLocate is a CASS-certified solution that automatically validates, standardizes, corrects and completes addresses against the USPS database and appends ZIP + 4 data.

Worldwide Address Validation
Access address data from over 240 counties and territories, including USPS (CASS Certified), Canada Post (SERP Certified), Mexican Post (SEPOMEX), UK Post, and many more.

Real-time or Batch Address Validation
Validate and standardize addresses as they are being entered into your system, or via overnight batch processing.

Separate Name from Address
Our data quality pre-process separates address information from other customer information to ensure only address elements are presented for validation

Enrichment with external data
PostLocate can easily integrate with data providers and enrich your data with demographics, consumer data, and census data

Supports Multiple Platforms
PostLocate is compatible with both open systems and mainframe and can easily integrate with your existing CRM, CIF or ERP system.


Enhanced operations
Validate and automatically correct addresses against postal service standards worldwide, as early as at the point of entry

Better communication and customer experience 
Save time when onboarding customers by streamlining new account openings and ensuring on-time deliveries

Reduce costs
Qualify your bulk mailings for substantial postal discounts and reduce the expense of return mail

Region-based marketing efforts
Target marketing specific offerings to clients in specific regions

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