Migrate your data with precision & accuracy.

The Challenge

A variety of business drivers can trigger data migration projects, including mergers and acquisitions, modernization programs, or companywide initiatives to improve operational efficiency and customer service. In many cases, it involves application migration from legacy systems, such as mainframe, to more modern systems to improve performance of the software application.

These migration projects that are crucial for your business goals too often contain many risks. By not deploying the proper planning or implementation expertise, you are jeopardizing the entire operation of your company.

Given the significance of the data involved and the amount of resources a migration requires, it's imperative to secure best-in-class experts with a proven track record and high performance tools to ensure a flawless execution.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems has deep expertise and experience in implementing large migration projects for over 40 years. The methodology used in our migration engagements has been highly recognized by our clients for its utmost precision and speed of implementation.

Our full-volume data analysis and profiling tool can eliminate the risks related to data migration and integration, ensuring a successful delivery of your projects. It enables a full understanding of the true content, structure, quality and relationships of your data prior to the migration.

Having this information beforehand allows you to better prepare and take the necessary steps to fix any issues for the actual migration. It essentially de-risks the migration from a time and resource cost standpoint.

Understanding the state of your data also allows you to define the transformation based on real values and not on assumptions, which can often derail your migration projects.

The tool is designed to provide both IT and business users a complete, fully accurate and easy-to-understand view of an enterprise's total data resource, regardless of volume and number of sources.

This high-performance, industrial-strength transformation software is highly scalable and can rapidly execute mappings and transformations. It ensures that production-level transformation runs are performed accurately and efficiently. For instance, a transformation process for 24 tables of 170 million records takes less than 2 hours.

Migrate data quickly and precisely with Innovative's proven solutions.

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