Analyst Group Notes Innovative Systems’ Exceptional Technology and Customer Service in Annual Data Quality Report

Proven enterprise data solutions and top customer support continue to drive Innovative’s success

PITTSBURGH, August 14, 2020 – Innovative Systems (Innovative), a global leader in the development and delivery of high-performance enterprise data management and risk management solutions, has again been recognized for its advanced technology and exceptional customer service by The Information Difference analyst group in their 2020 Data Quality Landscape report. Through an evaluation comprising technology breadth, longevity, and analyst perception, and with a heavy emphasis on customer feedback, Innovative ranked at the top of the landscape for its technology. And, for the fourth year in a row, Innovative’s customers were among the happiest of the 45 vendors included in the report.

“In a market as large as this, having very happy customers is a direct and positive reflection of both the capabilities of the technology and the level of customer support provided by the software vendor,” said Andy Hayler, president and CEO of The Information Difference. “Innovative consistently receives high marks in both of these areas, making it a great choice for companies that want a proven solution and excellent customer service. The fact that many of Innovative’s customers have been with them for more than 30 years speaks for itself.”

Innovative’s promise to its customers is the “fastest availability of accurate, enterprise data.” This is made possible through its AI-enabled, crowdsourced knowledgebases that are the foundation of all of the company’s solutions. These proprietary knowledgebases, comprised of millions of words, phrases, and patterns, are continuously updated based on crowdsourced customer feedback to deliver the most current and robust set of words and data quality rules to customers.

One of Innovative’s key growth areas is Data Quality for Compliance – the application of data quality for risk and compliance initiatives. As many organizations struggle to manage internal risk as well as comply with the requirements imposed on them by regulatory bodies aimed at fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, they are finding that the poor quality of their data is producing faulty results, which in turn can lead to huge fines and reputational damage.

“Compliance professionals have no control over the quality of the customer data they use for screening against government sanctions list, yet they are responsible for the consequences resulting from bad data – namely, too many false positives, unnecessary resources spent on due diligence, and the ultimate risk of missing a true hit,” said Randal Skipper, Innovative’s President of Global Field Operations. “Innovative’s Data Quality for Compliance is tailored to specifically address these issues so clients get consistently better results, while at the same time reduce cost and risk. By combining AI architecture and crowdsourcing to properly prepare customers’ data prior to its use, our approach achieves significantly more accurate and faster results than others on the market.”

About Innovative Systems, Inc.
Innovative Systems delivers data solutions that offer actionable insight and enable our customers to identify the hidden opportunities or risks in their data. Since 1968, we have pioneered best-in-class data quality, data management, and risk and compliance solutions. Innovative’s on-premise and cloud-based (SaaS) offerings deliver dramatic, measureable improvements in accuracy, cost, and time to production over alternatives.

Karin O’Sullivan

Vice President, Marketing Communications