Past Webinar Recordings
Past Webinar Recordings

MDM Best Practice Methodology Series — Part 5: Completing the Methodology to Ensure MDM Success: Compliance Screening, Full-volume Production Implementation, and the Data Management Environment

Highlighting the advanced capabilities of Innovative Systems' data management and risk management solutions and methodologies.

The preceding four webinars in this series focused on various phases of the best practice methodology, from initial assessment and planning through cleansing and linking. In this fifth and final webinar in the series, we cover the final three phases in the methodology: Compliance Screening, Full-volume Production Implementation, and the Data Management Environment.

  • Compliance Screening - We discuss how leading organizations both inside and outside the traditional financial services industries incorporate compliance screening as part of their onboarding and due diligence procedures and their reasons for doing so — including the need to minimize the risk of potentially damaging the firm’s reputation and incurring potential substantive fines.

  • Full-volume Production Implementation – Throughout the webinar series, we’ve focused on the fact that, for an organization to gain real value from an MDM implementation, the MDM platform must contain 100% of the organization’s source data. Learn how to ensure that the MDM platform meets your organization’s accuracy requirements as well as the performance requirements that the business demands.

  • Data Management Environment – In this final phase, we emphasize that, because your organization has already invested significant time and effort in establishing your MDM platform, it only makes sense to put in additional planning, time, and effort to ensure that this valuable corporate resource maintains its integrity and usefulness over time. We discuss how, when used on an ongoing basis, the proper data governance protocols help ensure the continued quality of your MDM resource.

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