Past Webinar Recordings
Past Webinar Recordings

WEBINAR: DQ Expert Series, Part 2: Insider Tips: Using Geospatial Data for Spatial Analysis

Part of the DAMA Industry Expert Webinar Series

From determining insurance premiums in flood zones to deciding where to open your next branch (site selection), business decisions require accurate location-based data. The fundamentals to achieve this data include address validation, geocoding, and proper location-based data enrichment. In this webinar, our GIS expert will share his tips, proven strategies, and best practices for effectively mining geospatial insights.

This webinar will cover the following:
  • The importance of address validation in any business-driven geospatial initiative
  • The history of zip codes and why they will distort your geospatial insights
  • Different types of geocoding and how to choose the one "fit for purpose"
  • Real-life examples of spatial analysis and how decisions are derived from it

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