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Communications and Infrastructure Provider Creates Accurate B2B Customer Golden Profiles to Implement MDM

Challenge: Gain a Single and Accurate View of Its Customers

As the first step toward ultimately building its own Master Data Management (MDM) system, a major communications and infrastructure solutions provider needed to improve the quality of its B2B customer database. The company was looking to create accurate, consolidated views of each of its large volume of business customer records.

For even greater completeness – and to gain more insight into its customers’ organizational structures – the company also wanted to enrich its data by appending large amounts of business information from a major corporate data provider.

Solution: Improve and Enrich Customer Data to Build "Golden Records"

Familiar with Innovative’s reputation for delivering highly accurate data quality, the company reached out to Innovative to prepare its data for the MDM initiative. Using the Innovative's data quality suite, the customer data was standardized, corrected, and reformatted. Additionally, the address information was verified and enriched with Innovative's address validation software.

Then the customer records were linked and de-duplicated using Innovative’s corporate linking software, which is designed specifically to recognize corporate name and address patterns. Furthermore, business rules were developed to handle the hundreds of different scenarios the client would encounter when appending the corporate data provider’s information.

Result: Accurate B2B Customer Golden Records Created for Efficient MDM Implementation

Working with Innovative, the company reduced the number of duplicate records by more than 15%, enabling the creation of a robust file of golden records of its customers. This helped the company build a solid foundation for a successful MDM implementation, as well as minimize the upfront time and effort required for the implementation.

After successfully completing the project, the company again contracted Innovative to perform additional data management projects for its other business units.

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