Part 1:
Assessing the 7 Critical Areas of Your Watch List Screening Process

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Based on common pitfalls we’ve seen during actual implementations, this webinar will review the seven key areas that you should examine within your own screening process to ensure its effectiveness and identify gaps that may need to be addressed.

The results of this self-assessment can be used to ensure that you are better prepared for any audits or inspections and are staying in compliance in the face of regulatory changes.

We’ll cover these topics and review key questions that each organization should ask:

  1. System accuracy and performance
  2. Workflow and efficiency
  3. Compliance data coverage
  4. Reporting and documentation
  5. Training and vendor support
  6. Integration and migration
  7. Additional features to look for

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Part 2:
Implementing Your Watch List Screening System: What to Expect and What to Avoid

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This webinar will focus on how to determine your best course of action to proactively address gaps identified through your learnings in Part 1 of this series as well as how to ensure you have an efficient program in place and are better prepared for audits or regulatory visits.

Discussions will include how to develop a business case to garner support from your key stakeholders and what to expect during the implementation of your new process or system based on analyses of thousands of actual implementations across our global customer base.

We’ll delve into:

  • How to quantify your business case and evaluate your options based on your gap analysis and how to gain internal buy-in
  • Questions you should ask ahead of time to prevent the most common “hidden surprises” during your implementation
  • A best practice methodology for migrating to a new system, including the transfer of safe lists and audit trails

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