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Synchronos Instant 360° View

Synchronos® Instant 360° View

Achieve an accelerated 360° view of your data and gain actionable results fast — without a full Master Data Management (MDM) implementation.

The Challenge

You need to establish a 360° view - rapidly and cost-effectively, but your organization is not ready for MDM.

Our Solution

The Synchronos Instant 360° View gives you a complete view of all your data, rapidly and cost-effectively, for business initiatives such as:

  • Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Risk & Compliance (GDPR, Solvency, Basel, NYS DFS 504, etc.)
  • Sales Data Synchronization
  • ERP Consolidation

Extended Relationship Networks

Influence Value® is a groundbreaking methodology that identifies valuable, actionable information often hidden in your data.

Relationships with an organization are more complex and offer more potential value than it may seem at first glance. When looking beyond the visible product relationship, there are often untapped opportunities driven by the influence of family and friends, as well as financial, legal, and business connections.

Innovative Systems developed Influence Value® to help organizations realize the full potential of these relationships. This groundbreaking methodology identifies valuable, actionable information often hidden within the customer, supplier or other party information.

Unlike most data management technology, Influence Value® goes well beyond name and location information to help an organization build a comprehensive network of relationships. Thanks to Innovative’s proprietary, multi-million word and phrase knowledgebase and powerful and unique linking methodology, Influence Value® uses all available information to automatically link parties to other parties.

Once these connections are uncovered, the methodology helps an organization analyze what influence one party may have on other party’s decisions or buying habits. This helps build more robust 360° views that reflect real potential value. This expanded view of parties and their relationships offers a greater opportunity to enhance business initiatives, including marketing, sales, customer service, operations, risk management, and supplier management.

  • Better understand and minimize risk
  • Better leverage party data to attract, retain, and cross-sell customers
  • More effectively manage relationships with customers, suppliers and other parties
  • Strengthen customer experience, business intelligence, analytics and digitization efforts
  • Significantly improve return on investment (ROI)

Enterprise Model

Synchronos incorporates a robust enterprise model based on data management best practices to rapidly enable accurate, integrated views that incorporate all of the data from all of your sources.

Getting a real look at an enterprise's data is difficult and often doesn't provide the information needed.

The Synchronos Instant 360° View solution goes far beyond a single view to provide flexible, comprehensive 360° views. The solution not only coordinates the information from all sources across an organization, but enables each department and function to define master data in the way that best meets business needs on a department-by-department basis using PurposeView™.

Integrates and Shares Core Data
Synchronos Instant 360° View is fed by all of an organization's various applications. It enables a shared enterprise view without requiring individual applications to adapt their own data definitions and rules.

Identifies Extended Relationships
For party data, for example, Synchronos' 360° customer, supplier or other party profiles go far beyond traditional individual or business householding models. Our approach and enterprise model automatically reveal and allow your organization to leverage valuable information about a party's extended relationships.

Sophisticated Ranking Methodology Powers Linking Accuracy
Synchronos Instant 360° View's unique ability to identify networks of connections among data elements is based on Innovative System's "intelligent" matching methodology, which has been proven by clients to be much more precise, accurate and reliable than probabilistic, deterministic and other matching/linking approaches. Our methodology finds duplicates other methodologies miss and reveals incorrectly-matched duplicates to be unique records.

Open Architecture Offers Maximum Flexibility
Our integration framework's open architecture is fully scalable and provides near total flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to leverage your investments in existing applications and providing insurance against system obsolescence.

Data Quality for Integrated Information

Successful data management begins will a single consistent view of information. The Synchronos° Instant 360° View solution incorporates Innovative Systems' industrial-strength data quality systems that deliver extremely high quality in a fraction of the time and cost of other approaches.

For a successful data management effort, the data quality needed to meet today's operational needs and more sophisticated analytic needs is a minimum of 98.5%. This is why Innovative Systems delivers 99.5%+ data quality out of the box.

Our process begins with a thorough data discovery and data management analysis of existing data quality. Once issues have been identified, we establish the right foundation using effective data quality software to cleanse, integrate, and manage your data to meet the specific needs and rules of your organization.

  • The highest possible data quality
  • A flexible, effective data management system where golden records are established and maintained

Dashboards and Reporting

Producing dashboards, KPIs, and reports is easy with Synchronos' built-in reporting capabilities.

To make the best use of data, organizations need to be able to quickly and intuitively view, understand, and report on critical information.

Synchronos Instant 360° View features dashboards and other reporting functionality that enable organizations to quickly and intuitively view, understand, and report on critical information. Our capabilities also allow for users to produce customized reports and integrate information from multiple components into a unified display of key metrics.

  • Efficiently filter and analyze data
  • Drill down into key information
  • Enable business rules monitoring, including ongoing quality monitoring

Web Services/API Integration

Every action in the system – from a button click to an interaction with the database to a screen being rendered – is accomplished through a secure web service call.

Built from the ground up for easy integration with other systems, the Synchronos™ Instant 360° View solution is the ideal means to rapidly and cost-effectively obtain accurate, integrated views of information across the enterprise. Information can also be obtained from the Instant 360° View solution through the easy-to-use web interface and reporting/exporting capabilities, as well as through direct queries against the database. Any system can easily query at any point via our web service APIs. And, our API’s are easy to use. Innovative Systems works with clients to integrate the first external system (usually done within days) and then clients typically take over, because they often have the web services expertise needed to run the system. However, Innovative Systems is always available to assist with any or all of the web service integrations.

Additional Capabilites

Role-based Security
The right access for the right people.

Not everyone in an organization needs access to all the enterprise’s data. How can you ensure the right people have access to the data they need and not the data they don’t?

Innovative's solutions allow administrators to establish or deny access rights at all levels of master data management, including environments, data domains, tables, and fields.

  • Access rights are determined by the role assigned
  • Roles can vary from site to site
  • Users who are granted varying access can be considered:
    • User
    • Power user
    • System administrator

Data Repository
Easily store, maintain and leverage integrated data.

Organizations need a rapid and cost-effective way to build a data repository that contains central views with extremely high accuracy.

Innovative System’s Instant 360° View solution uses a data repository for maximum accuracy and operational efficiency.

  • Maximum accuracy and operational efficiency
  • Store and maintain a complete, consistent and searchable collection of integrated data
    • Data will remain synchronized with other applications across the enterprise

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