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Instant 360° View™


Instant 360° View

Acheive an accelerated 360° view of your data and gain actionable results fast — without a full Master Data Management (MDM) implementation.

The Challenge

You need to establish a 360° view - rapidly and cost-effectively, but your organization is not ready for MDM.

Our Solution

The Synchronos Instant 360° View gives you a complete view of all your data, rapidly and cost-effectively, for business initiatives such as:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • ERP Consolidation
  • Risk & Compliance (GDPR, Solvency, Basel, etc.)
  • Customer Service & Billing

360 view icon Get a 360° view across your full data set
  • In just 15-30 days
  • With extremely high data quality
  • At a fraction of the cost of achieving MDM

Periodic batch updates icon Periodic batch updates to maintain this 360° view
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.
Cloud or on-preimise icon Cloud or On-Premise
  • Can be hybrid as well
  • Can migrate between options if needed

Full MDM Icon Option to transition to full MDM functionality if and when you’re ready
  • The Instant 360° View can be used to help justify the MDM initiative
  • Leverage the Instant 360° View for MDM

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