Data Quality for MDM


Quickly produce data of the highest quality

Successful MDM begins will a single consistent view of master information. Synchronos incorporates Innovative Systems' batch, incremental and on-line data quality systems that deliver extremely high quality in a fraction of the time and cost of other approaches.

The Challenge

For a successful master data management (MDM) effort the data quality needed to meet today's operational needs and more sophisticated analytic needs is a minimum of 98.5%.

Our Solution

The minimum data quality needed to meet today's standards is 98.5%. Which is why Innovative Systems delivers 99.5%+ data quality out of the box.

Our process begins with a thorough data discovery and data management analysis of existing data quality. Once issues have been identified, we establish the right foundation using effective data quality, address validation & geocoding and compliance tools to manage and shape your customer data to meet the specific needs and rules of your organization.


  • The highest possible data quality

  • A flexible, effective MDM system where golden records are established and maintained

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