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Master Data Management


A platform that efficiently delivers an accurate single view of your data across the enterprise.

Rapid. Precise. Cost-effective.

Synchronos is an enterprise-level master data management (MDM) software platform used for operational and/or analytical purposes. It enables organizations to bypass typical approaches that require extremely large investments of time and money and that incur high levels of risk when implementing and maintaining MDM. Instead, Synchronos delivers exceptionally high accuracy in 1/3 the time and 1/3 the cost of other approaches.

Need a 360° view but can’t justify MDM? Click here to learn about the Synchronos Instant 360° View™.

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Why Synchronos?

Superior master data management at 1/3 the cost and 1/3 the time

Our knowledge-based data quality capabilities ensure superior accuracy – typically 99.5% or higher – synchronized across online, batch, and incremental data flows, even with complex data and hierarchies

Our knowledge-based approach and high-productivity workbench systems deliver the fastest time to full-volume production – typically in one-third the time of comparable alternatives

Our proven approach and methodologies dramatically reduce overall cost – typically to one-third the cost of comparable alternatives

Synchronos minimizes the complexities inherent in MDM so that both business and technical users can quickly understand and get value from the platform with minimal training

Synchronos MDM is built to handle high processing volumes and to easily scale as needs grow

On-Premise, Cloud/SaaS, or Hybrid

Choose any deployment method to meet your data security, data privacy, or efficiency requirements.

Innovative Systems offers flexible delivery options, including on-premise and SaaS (Software as a Service, hosted on a secure cloud). Depending on your business situation, you can choose the option that will best serve your business needs, or you can choose a hybrid option of both on-site and SaaS.

These offerings are backed by well-proven expertise gained from providing on-premise solutions for more than 45 years and SaaS solutions for more than 15 years

  • Security - Our SSAE 16/ISO 27001-certified data centers around the world are exceptionally secure and support data privacy regulations where you do business.

  • Sophisticated Technology - Your organization will have the same consistent functionality and advanced capabilities no matter which option you choose.

  • Flexibility - As your needs change, you can easily switch between different options. Some clients start with on-premise and move to SaaS, while others start with on-premise and move to a hybrid approach as they become more comfortable with Software as a Service.

  • Scalability – All of our deployment solutions offer full scalability with no minimum or maximum record counts.

Synchronos Capabilities

Accurate, trusted single views of enterprise data.

Data Profiling, Discovery & Monitoring
Data Profiling, Discovery & Monitoring

Synchronos MDM’s business-friendly profiling and robust data discovery helps you quickly understand and use 100% of your data set.
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Master Data Management Software
360° View

Go beyond traditional MDM approaches and find valuable information about extended relationships within your data.
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Workflow Management
Workflow Management

Synchronos’ workflow management allows organizations to easily construct and modify their workflows, helping to improve productivity and accuracy and reduce risk.
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Synchronos Reference Data Management
Reference Data Management

Reference Data Management is more than just a specialized subset of MDM. It’s a critical component to any MDM effort.
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Synchronos Metadata Management
Metadata Management

Maintaining detailed descriptions of all information within an organization is vital in finding and making use of data across the enterprise.
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Synchronos Hierachy Management
Synchronos Hierachy Management

Graphical displays and navigational tools within Synchronos allow users to create and modify hierarchies and easily report on them.
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Synchronos Extended Relationships Networks
Extended Relationships Networks

Influence Value® is a groundbreaking methodology that identifies valuable, actionable information often hidden in your data.
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Synchronos Enterprise Model
Enterprise Model

Synchronos incorporates a robust enterprise model based on MDM best practices to rapidly enable a full-production MDM implementation that incorporates all of the data from all of your sources. In addition, PurposeView™ lets your organization maintain different views of data by department from that single enterprise model.
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Synchronos Data Quality for MDM
Data Quality for MDM

Successful MDM begins will a single consistent view of master information. Synchronos incorporates Innovative Systems’ batch, incremental and on-line data quality systems that deliver extremely high quality in a fraction of the time and cost of other approaches.
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Synchronos Dashboards and Reporting
Dashboards and Reporting

Producing dashboards, KPIs, and reports is easy with Synchronos' built-in reporting capabilities.
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Synchronos Web Services/API Integration
Web Services/API Integration

Every action in the system-from a button click to an interaction with the database to a screen being rendered - is accomplished through a secure web service call.
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Master Data Management Software
Additional Capabilities

Scheduler, Rollback, Role-based Security, Data Repository, Batch and Real-time Processing
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