GDPR Compliance

Intelligent GDPR compliance across the full spectrum of your data

Quickly and confidently meet requirements for the May 25, 2018 GDPR deadline without needing MDM or an army of data management professionals.

The Challenge

Organizations around the world are scrambling to understand and comply with the new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which impacts not only EU companies, but anyone who handles the data of EU citizens. The regulation’s broader definition of what constitutes “personal data” poses a challenge due to the large volumes of unstructured and structured data that many organizations handle. How do organizations effectively find, organize, and protect this broader class of personal data in the often-chaotic proliferation of unstructured and structured data?

Our Solution

Innovative Systems and DocAuthority, our partner, provide a unique, powerful approach that allows organizations to rapidly overcome their GDPR challenges. This approach combines:

Artificial intelligence to process unstructured data just as a human brain would – but at warp speed – to make sense of the morass of unstructured data within an organization. The system discovers data subject to GDPR, amongst other compliance regulations, and provides functional structure for an effective operational response, enabling the business to classify, mitigate, and remediate hundreds or thousands of files with a single click. Additionally, the system will automatically discover new data created for “evergreen” compliance.

Massive knowledgebases of properly and improperly spelled words, phrases and patterns to process structured data. These knowledgebases allow customer and prospect information to be rapidly cleansed, standardized, matched, and combined into super-accurate (99.5%+) integrated views that are required to understand and track this information from multiple sources – all without needing an MDM platform. And, the information derived from unstructured sources is directly linked to the central integrated views of customer information.

The combination of these two capabilities enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively have the correct information to meet GDPR requirements without needing an army of data management professionals.

Our approach includes the following process:

Step One: Data Discovery

Step Two: GDPR Gap Assessment
Unstructured Data – Data Protection Impact Assessment
Structured Data – Data Quality and Data Integration Audit

Step Three: Remediation
Structured Data – Resolution of Data Quality and Data Integration Issues
Unstructured Data – Triage, Mitigate, and Create Response Roadmap

Step Four: Track and Report Progress

This combined, intelligent approach enables organizations to more rapidly and efficiently comply with GDPR across the full spectrum of their data.

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