Web Services/API Integration


Quickly & seamlessly integrate data quality tools into your existing system

Our Data Quality Web Services/API Integration allows our clients to quickly and seamlessly integrate data quality tools into their existing system. Customers choose data quality APIs when they need to do immediate (usually interactive) cleansing, standardization, address validation, and matching to their existing database.


  • Our sophisticated data quality tools integrate with your existing user interface that your users and administrators already know.

  • The real-time update of customer information minimizes having bad data stored in your CRM or CIF system from the point of entry, which helps reduce duplicate customers, improve data quality, and lets you provide better service to your clients.

  • The ongoing batch mode cleansing and deduplication help maximize your system’s potential.

  • The accurate picture of your data supports and strengthens virtually every business function and assists timely mission-critical decision making.

Systems We Integrate With

We can easily integrate with source application systems, operational systems, Salesforce, and marketing automation systems, data warehouses and data marts, business intelligence systems, ERP systems, e-commerce systems, and big data repositories, to name a few.


  • Our team guides you through the entire process, from initial consultation to software setup, tuning, and execution, all the way to post-implementation support.

  • Our team is on-site when needed and especially when the integration takes place.

  • Our track record of success promises you a fast and successful implementation within weeks.

  • Our effective pre-merge cleansing and review methodology drastically reduces errors and mitigates the risk of delays and going over budget.

  • Our tools can easily combine data from very different sources, including mainframes, databases, and flat files.

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