Past Webinar Recordings
Past Webinar Recordings

Challenges and Best Practices of PEP and Sanctions Screening, Part 5: Leveraging the Best of Centralized and Decentralized Approaches in a Hybrid Model

Highlighting the advanced capabilities of FinScan, Innovative's sanctions and PEP screening solution.

Typically, financial organizations must choose between implementing a centralized approach to sanctions and PEP screening and delegating the responsibility to local branch offices, either nationally or internationally. The most recent FATF Recommendations (specifically, Recommendation 18) emphasize the need for consistent group-wide programs with regard to AML.

This informative webinar discusses how a combination of centralized and decentralized screening approaches can be efficient and effective – and make it easier to meet regulatory guidelines. Join us, and in just 1 hour, learn how to make the most of local knowledge and still achieve consistent standards across the group through a hybrid model that supports your organization’s needs.

Specific topics include:
  • Advantages and disadvantages of centralized and decentralized compliance operating models
  • Case studies of hybrid models
  • Questions to ask when evaluating and developing the right model for your organization

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